Statement of Biblical Rebuke for Scott T. Brown and Jason Dohm

The July 2006 statement of Biblical Rebuke, affirmed by the congregation and leadership of Trinity Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC concerning Scott T. Brown and Jason Dohm, former TBC elders:

“As you know, Scott Brown and Jason Dohm left our church on April 28. The deacons have looked into this matter, and we have come to the following conclusions:

1. We believe that Scott and Jason mishandled their responsibilities as elders to this body of believers.

2. We believe that they abused their position of trust and authority when they forced a vote of confidence over their leadership.

3. We believe that Scott and Jason were confronted with this and other errors, but they failed to repent when invited to do so.

4. Scott and Jason left our fellowship rather than address these issues and work through them together as the Bible requires.

We understand that [co-elders] Don — and Jerry — are moving forward in their efforts of Biblical reconciliation with Scott and Jason. We encourage this process and hope for full repentance and restoration.

If you have any questions, the deacons will be pleased to meet with you. We ask that you continue to pray for this fellowship and for those fellow believers who have separated themselves from our fellowship, and we urge you to pray that Scott and Jason would be restored to full fellowship.”


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Days since Scott Brown and Jason Dohm were rebuked and have chosen not to repent.