Legalism Examples/History of TBC


Any church that is committed to the fundamentals of the Gospel will struggle from time to time working out what it means to “put off the old man” and “put on the new” without falling into legalism. However, what was taking place at TBC under Scott and Jason went beyond this “normal” struggle.

Here are some of the statements, teachings, and incidents (witnessed by multiple people) that led to Deacon Mike, Todd and Don A., and subsequently Elder Don B., to raise the concern of “Observable Legalism” in the church. It is not an exhaustive list:

  • “Sunday School is a sin.” (Scott Brown)
  • Sunday School is evil.
  • Sunday School and youth groups are from the “pit of hell.”
  • Scott insisting that a church baptism take place on Super Bowl Sunday (’06) in order to find out who “the truly committed” were.
  • Preaching a sermon where a man who allows a daughter to go to college was likened to Lot not protecting his daughters from rape. (Scott)
  • Preaching a sermon on abortion entitled, “Planet Patricide” focusing on the killing of future fathers. (Scott)
  • Teaching that the use of birth control was wrong (a sin).
  • Teaching that the use of psychological medications – including prescriptions for ADD or depression – was wrong (a sin).
  • Asking women to stop making announcements during the lunch after the service and only having the men make announcements.
  • Asking people to stop describing the post-service lunch as “pot luck” and instead to call it a “pot providence” meal.
  • Teaching that women should not vote.
  • Teaching that women should not, as a matter of course, waste money and attend college as their true Biblical role was in the home (however, Scott did allow his daughters to take classes at the local Bible college).
  • Teaching that women are Biblically not to work outside the home, either before or after marriage.
  • Jason on women working outside the home: “the normative pattern is for a woman to be a keeper at home. So, if she does not, it should divide [the Church].” 4/17/08 Elder’s Meeting
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    A (very) Brief History of Other Important Facts regarding Trinity Baptist Church

    2001 – Scott Brown, Jason Dohm, Kenny G. and Pete S. ask for and receive the blessing of the pastor and elders at North Wake Baptist Church, Wake Forest to begin a new church.

    2002 – Kenny G. and Pete S. resign as elders and state that the vision of Trinity Baptist Church is fatally flawed. New elders (Jerry and Don B.) are elected.

    2004, the elders ask the congregation of TBC to approve compensation ($28,000 annualized salary) for Scott Brown as he does the majority of the teaching.

    2005, Scott does not disclose to the congregation, or all the Deacons, that he is also being paid $53,089 by Vision Forum ($57,333 total in “Director’s Fees) for 30 hours of work per week ($10,519 more than President Doug Phillips, who only lists 25 hours/week).

    2006, Scott again does not disclose to the congregation, or all the Deacons, that he is being paid $37,095 by Vision Forum ($41,596 total in Director’s Fees”) for 30 hours of work per week (again, 5 hours more per week than President Doug Phillips). At every point during the inquiries regarding the League of Grateful Sons statement and also during discussions over the concern that Vision Forum might be exerting undue influence on TBC, Scott denies any such influence or conflict of interest.

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