TBC’s Constitution and By-laws

[NB: These excerpts are from the Constitution and By-laws that were in effect at the time all of these events took place. They may not be the same now.]

Article IV Leadership and Organization
1. Under the authority of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, the Congregation of the Church is the final authority within this local Church.

4. Deacons shall assist the Elders by performing services of advice, administration and implementation.


Article I Membership
Section 1: General Procedure
. . . The elders will maintain a membership list. . . This membership list will be maintained by the elders, and is not to be confused with the church directory of addresses and phone numbers.

Article II Church Government
Section: Removal of Elders and Deacons

A. Elders
If one of the saints believes an elder may be morally or doctrinally unfit for his office, the scriptural requirement for him is clear: he is to approach that elder individually first (Matt. 18:15), and then with one or two others (Matt. 18:16). If the problem remains, then the individual, with the two or three witnesses, should come to the other elders and present the charges (1 Tim. 5:19).

If the charges are doctrinal or moral in nature, and if the other elders unanimously decide that the question merits an investigation and/or trial, then they will (a) inform the men of the church of the nature of the charges, (b) announce the date(s) of the scheduled investigation and/or trial, and encourage the men to attend.

If the charges are unanimously sustained by the other elders, then that elder, depending on the gravity of the charges and the response to the correction, will be rebuked in the presence of the congregation (1 Tim. 5:20), or will be removed from the office of elder (1 Tim. 3:1 – 7; Tit. 1: 5 – 9), or both.

[The elders had unanimously agreed that the LOGS statement merited an investigation and they carried out said investigation, but were not reporting to the congregation as required by the By-Laws.]

Article V Meetings
Section 2 For Business

c. Special Meetings. Elders or any ten members in good standing, may call for a special meeting.

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